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Present commissions:


A commission for a calender for 2019 (say what?? 2019? Yess, you have to start early!) Please see below details from the sketches and watercolours.

Enjoying this commission so much, living with the seasons, bunnies at my feet and the great outdoor through my window for inspiration! The calender, allthough a commission for a company (working organic and super friendly for nature and animals) will be for sale for everyone this fall. Will keep you posted! 

UPDATE!! My Calendar for 2019 is for pre-sale right now! Hop over to my webshop for a special offer.


A very lovely sweet children's book, released september 2017, about a mole and a bunny rabbit...about how friendship can be, between real friends...

Title: Mol en Konijn

Author: Ellen Hosmar

Illustrations: Alexandra Meinesz

Published by: De Lantaarn/Ruitenbergboek

ISBN: 978-94-6354-068-1


Previous commissions:

Uitgeverij Tinkerland - Serial written and illustrated by me considering the adventures with my Tinkerhorse on our small farm in the north of the Netherlands.

Uitgeverij Tinkerland - Children's book "Sanne en Melody, een eigenwijs span", written by Sandra Boshuizen-Laan, illustrated by me. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances at the publisher's end this book was never published, but I wanted to share a few watercolours with you.